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Jérôme Hugues

SOCIS 2014 - HIL simulation in SpaceCraft Sim

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SpaceCraft Sim is a simulator of cubesat developed at ISAE. It relies on Open Source components :

  • Orekit, a low level space dynamics library written in Java,
  • Celestia is a 3D tool used for the visualization of space objects.
  • Matlab Simulink for modeling the AOCS of a satellite

The first version of SpaceCraft Sim has been developed by Xavier Gilbert Gonzalez, under the supervision of Jérôme Hugues at ISAE, and support from the SOCIS 2013 programme.

For the 2014 edition, we would like to extend simulation capabilities from Model-In-the-Loop (using matlab) to Hardware-In-the-Loop. The objective is to use a cubesat platform as external CPU platform. We will use hardware from ISIS as a target platform.

This year project will require

  • analysis of the existing transmission protocol between SpaceCraft Sim nodes for Telemetry/Telecommand (TM/TC) ; and propose a more robust one, for instance from ECSS PUS services
  • propose an implementation of a new TM/TC stack to be integrated in SpaceCraft Sim and a cubesat platform
  • propose some test scenarios for mocking the sensors values
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