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Arnaud Dion

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Research engineer at ISAE (formerly SUPAERO), the French Aerospace Engineering Institute, since 2004. My projects and topics of interests include electronic architecture design, hardware-software codesign, atellite navigation algorithms and systems. While working as an engineer, I obtained my Ph.D in 2014 from ISAE.

My research takes place in the Critical Systems Engineering (IpSC) team.

 Teaching activities

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering (MAE), 1st year
  • Architecture and design of digital components. Track on Aerospace Systems.

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering Webpage

Advanced Master on Embedded Systems (EMS)
  • Real-time operational systems.
  • Architecture and design of FPGA and ASIC integrated systems.
  • Hardware and software synthesis and co-simulation.

Advanced Master Webpage

Supaero (MSc), 1st year
  • Signal processing. Common core on Signal and Systems.
  • Electronic. Common core on Signal and Systems.
  • Experimental project. Design of analog electronic systems.
  • Design of complex digital components. Elective track.

Ingénieur ISAE-Supaero (MSc) Webpage

Supaero (MSc), 2nd year
  • Design of complex digital components. Elective track.
  • Research projects. One or more projects are proposed each year in the field of navigation and digital architecture. They are usually related to ongoing research topics.

Ingénieur ISAE-Supaero (MSc) Webpage

Supaero (MSc), 3rd year
  • Acquisition and image processing, image capture systems. Track on Signal and Systems.

Ingénieur ISAE-Supaero (MSc) Webpage

Professional training
  • Conception de circuits numériques complexes. Professional training for qualified engineer.

Eurosae ELT014 Webpage (french)

 Research activities

My fields of interest cover the design System-On-Chip for Signal Processing algorithms. So I work on 2 domains : signal processing, mathematics and digital component architectures. What is the adequation between the algorithm and the architecture ? Sometimes, if the algorithm doesn’t fit (mainly time performance), we can change the architecture. And sometimes, we can do the reverse : modify the algorithm to take full advantage of the architecture.


Some previous projects
  • Navette
  • TASTE. Funded by European Space Agency (ESA). With [**Thales Alenia Space*] and [**M3Systems*].
  • REPCO. Funded by Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), French Armament Agency. With [**France Développement Conseil*].
  • Vector tracking algorithm in degradated environment. Funded by Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), French space agency. With [**M3Systems*].
  • Reconfigurable navigation receiver for space applications.

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OATAO : Open Archive Toulouse Archive Ouverte


Supaero Campus, building 7 (Laboratories), ground floor, office 07.084

Phone : +33(0)


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