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Christophe Garion

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I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Department of Complex Systems Engineering (DISC) of the Aeronautics and Space Institute (ISAE-SUPAERO) of Toulouse, France. My teaching activities concern the SUPAERO Graduate Program. I hold a PhD (2002) and an engineer degree (1999) from SUPAERO.

This site is under construction, so you will only find minimal information here. I will add useful things in a (more or less) near future :)

My main research interest is the use of mathematical logic for verifying programs, particularly with the SPARK programming language and through the CoCoSim project. . Before I focused on knowledge representation with mathematical logic, particularly on deontic logic, e.g. completeness of regulations. You can find the list of my publications here and more details on my research here.

I teach courses on Algorithms and Programming, Functional and Logic Programming Languages and Formal Methods. I also propose projects in Computer Science for students (2nd year projects). You can find more on my teaching activities here.

 Contact information

  • e-mail : name (at) isae-supaero (dot) fr
  • office : 07.097
  • phone : +33 (0) 5 61 33 80 57


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