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Christophe Garion

Teaching activities and courses

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 Academic responsabilities

I am currently in charge of Computer Science curriculum for 1st and 2nd year at ISAE-SUPAERO. This involves :

  • general organisation and planning
  • following through students studies
  • reflexion on content


I teach or am involved in the following courses at SUPAERO (click on the course number to go to the course website [1]) :

  • TCS1-IN Algorithms and Programming
  • EISC101 Functional and logic programming languages
  • TSC3-IN Complexity and Integer Linear Programming
  • FITR304 Formal Methods
  • FSD301 Optimization in Graphs

I have teached the following courses at SUPAERO (click on the course number to go to the course website [2]) :

  • IN112 Mathematical logic
  • IN201 Object-oriented design and programming
  • IN306 Databases
  • IN323 Software engineering
  • IN324 Software validation (deductive methods part)
  • IN325 Real-time programming languages (RTSJ part)
  • IN328 Distributed programming with Java and J2EE
  • IN329 Operating systems with Prof. Pierre Siron
  • IN331 Software engineering

I teach the following courses at ENSEEIHT :

  • Mathematics for Computer Science (mathematical logic, program proof, Coq proof assistant, formal language theory)
  • Declarative Programming (logic programming, Prolog, SAT and SMT solvers)

I teach the following courses at Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier :

  • lab sessions for introduction on Functional Programming (undergraduate students)
  • lab sessions for Verified Compilation with Coq (undergraduate students)

 Students projects for 2022/2023

  • TBA, but something on SPARK or compilation


[1Sorry, most of the websites are not publicly available outside ISAE.

[2Sorry, most of the websites are in french.

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