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Damien Roque

Merge PDF files and add page numbers

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When dealing with administrative paperwork, it is usually desirable to merge several PDF files and optionally add page numbers to the output PDF document. A solution based on Makefile and a BASH script is proposed here.


The following dependencies have to be resolved :

  • make
  • pdftk
  • gs
  • enscript
    Notice that the prerequisites are usually provided as packages with common GNU/Linux distributions.

Download and execution

Download and unzip the file.

Zip - 133.6 ko

Go into the directory and type make. A directory out should have been created with the following content :

  • sortie.pdf is the concatenation of the PDF files provided in the parent directory.
  • sortie-num.pdf is a page-numbered version of the previous file.
  • sortie-num-comp.pdf is a compressed version of the previous file.

If the result of this run is correct, replace example PDFs by yours.

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