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Mastic fonctionnalisé pour l’amélioration of the mechanical performance of dismounting bolted joints

The objective is to functionalize an aerospace sealant to transfer loads within bolted-sealed joints. RThe functionalization consists in increasing its rigidity over time to increase the fatigue strength of bolted-sealed joints.
In collaboration with LGP tarbes and CIRIMAT.


in progress

Méthodologie de prédiction de la tenue nominale de réparations aéronautiques composite par collage structural

The objective is to associated the level of modelling with the fidelity wrt the mechanical behavior for the composite bonded repairs subjected to quasi-static loading up to failure.
In collaboration with DGA TA.


Methdologies for fast and reliable siimulation of bonded structures under dynamic loadings

SCODyn stands in French for "Méthodologies pour la simulation rapide et fiable de structures collées multi-couches sous sollicitation dynamique". This project deals with the formulation of the stiffness matrix and mass matrix of a macro-element (ME) of two bonded plates. The objective is to be able to simulate, thanks to the ME technique, the behavior of 3D thin structures (under plate kinematics) involving bonded joints at low CPU time while taking into account the accurate behavior of the adhesive layers.
In collaboration with CETIM.


Failure Prediction of Bonded Composite Metallic Joints

PRACCOMET stands in French for "Prédiction de la Rupture d’Assemblages Collés Composites Métalliques". This project deals with the failure prediction of bonded joints made of composite and/or metallic adherends. It focuses on the prediction of failure at the interface between various combinations of adherend / adhesive couples. The adherends are made in aluminium alloy or TP composite materials. Epoxy adhesives and methacrylate adhesives are used. Physico-chemical and mechanical experimental characterization are expected to feed experimental and numerical models.
This project is supported by the PhD Thesis of Thiago Vasconcellos Birro. The funding is granted by University of Toulouse and by Région Occitanie.
In collaboration with CIRIMAT.


Simulation and Supervision System for the Production of Bonded Assemblies

The project aims at widespreading the industrial use of structural bonding and taking benefit of this technology on the strength-to-mass ratio. One lock associated to this technology is the control to the quality of the bonded joints. This project aims at developing a supervision and simulation system of the production of bonded structures, available both at the design office and on the manufacturing floor, in order to monitor and control all the events happening in the production of bonded joints. This projet is pluridisciplinary by associated Chemistry and Science of Materials, Information Technologies (IoT, Big Data, IA) and Mechanical Engineering.
The PhD Thesis of Agathe Jaillon is supported by this project. The funding is granted by BPI France, Région Occitanie and Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, under French Interministerial 21 (FUI 21).


Joint Stress Analysis Tool
This project was launched in 2008 as a part of the internal research program of Sogeti High Tech. The project goal is to develop a methodology for the simplified stress analysis of pure bonded, pure bolted of hybrid (bolted/bonded) joints.
The methodology is based on the macro-element technique. Considering the bonded overlaps, it allows for the modelling of both adherends and the adhesive layer all along the overlap with only one four-nodes brick. Considering the fastening system, it allows for the introduction of bolt normal, shear and bending stiffnesses. The methodology supports non linear materials and allows for quasi-static, fatigue, vibration under isothermal conditions analyses.
The PhD Thesis of Guillaume Lélias was supported by this project. The funding was granted by Sogeti High Tech under CIFRE mechanism (ANRT).

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