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Eric Paroissien


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Co-creator and contributor of the TACCOS inititiative (Toulouse Adhesion Cohesion. Structural Adhesive Bonding) launched in 2017. TACCOS is an informal structure for the multidisciplinary teaching and research around the structural bonding. In particular, this structure aims at investigating the questions raised from the structural adhesive bonding, basing on Chemisitry and Mechanics. The subtitle of TACCOS is "From Chemistry to Mechanics".Retour ligne automatique
This initiative is developped through a collaboration between the transverse research axis "Adherence" at CIRIMAT (http://www.cirimat.cnrs.fr/spip.php...) and the transverse research axis "Assembly" at ICA (http://www.institut-clement-ader.or...).

PRACCOMET (Failure Prediction of Bonded Composite Metallic Joints)
in progress
PRACCOMET means in French "Prédiction de la Rupture d’Assemblages Collés Composites Métalliques". This project deals with the failure prediction of bonded joints made of composite and/or metallic adherends. It focuses on the prediction of failure at the interface between various combinations of adherend / adhesive couples. The adherends are made in aluminium alloy or TP composite materials. Epoxy adhesives and methacrylate adhesives are used. Physico-chemical and mechanical experimental characterization are expected to feed experimental and numerical models.
This project is supported by the PhD Thesis of Thiago Vasconcellos BIRRO. The funding is granted by University of Toulouse and by Région Occitanie.

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