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Jérôme Hugues

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Jérôme Hugues is full professor at the Complex Systems Engineering Department (DISC) of the Institute for Space and Aeronautics Engineering (ISAE) in Toulouse. He holds a Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (2017) from INP Toulouse ; and a PhD (2005) and engineering degree (2002) from Telecom ParisTech.

At ISAE, he is responsible of several real-time systems course. Starting in 2010, he is co-chair of the Embedded Systems Master (SM EMS) program at ENSEEIHT and ISAE ; and from 2011 to 2017, he was in charge of the last year curriculum in Computer Science for the ISAE-Supaero program. He is the Holder of the Chaire ARISE, funded by Thales Avionics

His research interests are focused on software architecture to support the design of complex software-based real-time and embedded systems ; and programming languages and artifacts to support them. He is the involved in the development of free software :

  • Ocarina toolchain, a compiler for the AADL language and associated model processor (code generation, gateway to model checkers, scheduling analysis tools, etc).
  • TASTE project to transfer Ocarina technologies to the space domain, with the European Space Agency, Ellidiss Technologies and Semantix

Past projects :

  • PolyORB, an adaptable, verifiable and schizophrenic (encompassing CORBA, DSA, SOAP and MOM personalities) platform for real time systems, written in Ada ;

He is also a member of the SAE AS-2C committee working on the definition of the AADL architecture description language to assist the designer in various stages of its design : formal verification, dimensioning down to code generation. He is the main author of two annexes document for AADLv2, and a reviewer of the AADLv2 core document, and associated annexes.

 Contact information

  • e-mail : jerome (dot) hugues (at) isae (dot) fr
  • Bureau 07.098 (map)
  • Phone +33 (0) 5 61 33 89 84 (Rangueil)
  • Mail : Jérôme Hugues, DISC,
    10 avenue Edouard Belin - BP 54032
    F-31055 Toulouse CEDEX 4
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