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Jérôme Hugues

SOCIS 2013 : Celestia/OREKIT

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The objective of this project is to move forward the integration between OREKIT and Celestia.

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Celestia at Work

Orekit, a low level space dynamics library written in Java, Celestia is a 3D tool used for the visualization of space objects. The integration will support the visualization of dynamics of space object simulated with the Orekit framework

An existing prototype exists, it allows the interaction of

  • a program written in any language, connected through sockets to other elements. This program is used to control the spacecraft, receiving information from the environment,
  • a node based on Orekit, implementing the kinematics and dynamics laws of a space object,
  • a node based on Celestia for visualization

The three nodes currently interact in a "best effort" mode, for a limited set of configuration parameters.

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Architecture of SpacecraftSim

The primary objective of this project is to increase both the flexibility and the performance of this simulation workbench.

A secondary objective is to write a small AOCS program in C, to be interconnected with Orekit and Celestia. This AOCS software will be based on teaching material provided by ISAE.

This project will help supporting teaching activities around the space domains. Rich visualization as supported by Celestia is helpful for providing rich demo of systems modeled by our students at ISAE, for instance for control/command classes (study of GNC, AOCS, etc).

For more information on this project, you may contact me directly, and of course refer to SOCIS webpage.

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