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 Available research internship

Open to graduate students

from Feb. to Sept. 2016

Mixing by Rayleigh-Taylor turbulence at large-Atwood number.

During his PhD performed at CEA, N. Schneider achieved highly-resolved simulations of Rayleigh-Taylor turbulence under Boussinesq or anelastic assumptions. A fully compressible simulation is undergoing time advancement and will be completed by the start of the present project. The research program extends from post-processing programming over distributed data (but a core post-processing code is available) to the physical analysis and quantification of the mixing rate with a focus on concentration iso-surfaces topology (see picture aside). The intern will be located at Toulouse in the new premises of the Department but will be co-supervised by S. Gauthier from CEA who is the leader of this research program.

If you are interested send me a mail at laurent.joly isae.fr (+33 5 61 33 91 65).

 Research news

Adriana Lopez-Zazueta defended her PhD in February 2015 under the title "Non-modal secondary stability of an inhomogeneous shear-layer". She obtained new valuable results on optimal perturbations of secondary tridimensional (and bidimensional) instabilities developing over a variable-density Kelvin-Helmholtz billow. A nice summary of her findings has been accepted to the Journal of Fluid Mechanics for publication in 2016.

 Teaching news

I am having a great time teaching Turbulence and Mixing since 2010 in the Research Master program DET. This course aims at teaching fundamentals of turbulent fluid flow and sensitize students to the impact of kinematics and the associated deformation field on mixing efficiency. This lecture cannot cover the whole range of concepts meant by its title and I rather focus on some aspects expectedly driving the student to go further on his own. Mixing after the onset of shear or inertial instabilities, statistical and structural approaches of turbulence, building a mixing metrics,... are the major issues that are discussed.

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