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Thermodynamics of aeronautical propulsion - 1rst year course

This part of the new course comes after the one given by Prof. Xavier Dufresne on the Fundamentals of Thermodynamics. It aims at the understanding of the main features of aeronautical propulsion systems. Key notions such as total pressure and total temperature are introduced. We define the efficiencies of the different components of propulsion systems. These concepts are applied to the turbojet engine and to the nozzle flow in a rocket engine.
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Physics and Mechanics of Viscous Fluids - 2nd year course

I proceed to teach the thermal boundary layer after the courses provided by Prof. Patrick Chassaing on the dynamic boundary layer. We examine the different regimes of heat transfer and focus on the coupling between thermal and dynamical issues. The flow configurations I address span from the forced convection regime to the supersonic flow around an obstacle. We end up with the nice and synthetic case of the flow around an airfoil in the transonic regime.
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Turbulence Modeling - 3rd year optional course

Within this optional course where Prof. Jean-Bernard Cazalbou deals with the physics of turbulent flows and the modelling of near-wall turbulence, I lecture on the introduction to turbulence modelling. I decompose the underlying assumptions behind closure schemes and illustrate the construction of a standard two-equations model. The physical meaning of turbulence models is scrutinised in free shear flows. I close this course by an introduction to Large Eddy Simulation and subgrid scale modelling.
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Turbulence and Mixing - Common core course of the DET Research Master

I took along this advanced course, formerly given by Prof. P. Chassaing, from november 2010. This new version is inspired by the former one but a stronger focus is given to transition and mixing metrics.

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