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 Recently accepted for publication

  • Salama MR, McGarvey RG. Enhancing mass transit passenger safety during a pandemic via in-vehicle time minimization. Accepted for publication (accepted February 2022), Computers & Operations Research.
  • Mirzaee A, McGarvey RG, Aguilar FX, Schliep EM. Impact of biopower generation on eastern US forests. Accepted for publication (accepted February 2022), Environment, Development and Sustainability.
  • Birisci E, McGarvey RG. Cost- versus environmentally-optimal production in institutional food service operations. Accepted for publication (accepted October 2021), Socio-Economic Planning Sciences.
  • Salama MR, McGarvey RG. Resilient supply chain to a global pandemic. Accepted for publication (accepted June 2021), International Journal of Production Research.


  • McGarvey RG, Thorsen (2022), A. Nested-solution facility location models. Optimization Letters, 16(2), 497-514.
  • Dundar B, McGarvey RG, Aguilar FX (2022), Optimal multi-state partnerships for woody biomass co-firing incorporating a demand-response function for biomass procurement. Optimization Letters, 16(3), 821-844.
  • Thorsen ML, Harris S, McGarvey R, Palacios J, Thorsen A (2022), Evaluating disparities in access to obstetric services for American Indian women across Montana. Journal of Rural Health, 38(1), 151-160.


  • Oveysi Z, McGarvey RG, Seo K (2021), An optimization model to address overcrowding in emergency departments using patient transfer. Advances in Operations Research, 2021, 1-11.
  • Costello C, Oveysi Z, Dundar B, McGarvey RG (2021), Assessment of the effect of urban agriculture on achieving a localized food system centered on Chicago, IL using robust optimization. Environmental Science & Technology, 55, 2684-2694.
  • Al-Amidie M, Al-Asadi A, Humaidi AJ, Al-Dujaili A, Alzubaidi L, Farhan L, Fadhel MA, McGarvey RG, Islam NE (2021), Robust spectrum sensing detector based on MIMO cognitive radios with non-perfect channel gain. Electronics, 10(5), 529.
  • Al-Asadi A, Al-Amidie M, Alwane SK, Albehadili HM, McGarvey RG, Islam NE (2021), Robust underlay cognitive network download beamforming in multiple users, multiple groups multicell scenario. IET Communications, 14(21), 3934-3943.
  • Kambli A, McGarvey RG (2021), Network design for local agriculture using robust optimization. Information Processing in Agriculture, 8(3), 469-483.


  • Aguilar FX, Mirzaee A, McGarvey RG, Shifley SR, Burtraw D (2020), Expansion of US wood pellet industry points to positive trends but the need for continued monitoring. Nature : Scientific Reports, 10, 18607.
  • Thorsen ML, McGarvey RG, Thorsen A (2020), Diabetes management at community health centers : Examining associations with patient and regional characteristics, efficiency, and staffing patterns. Social Science & Medicine, 255, 113017.
  • Chemodanov D, Calyam P, Esposito F, McGarvey RG, Palaniappan K, Pescapé A (2020), A near optimal reliable orchestration approach for geo-distributed latency-sensitive SFCs. IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, 7(4), 2730-2745.
  • Dahal RP, Aguilar FX, McGarvey RG, Becker D, Abt KL (2020), Localized economic contributions of renewable wood-based biopower generation. Energy Economics, 91, 104913.


  • McGarvey RG, Thorsen A, Thorsen ML, Madhi Reddy R (2019), Measuring efficiency of community health centers : a multi-model approach considering quality of care and heterogeneous operating environments. Health Care Management Science, 22, 489-511.
  • Karakose G, McGarvey RG (2019), Optimal detection of critical nodes : improvements to model structure and performance. Networks and Spatial Economics, 19(1), 1-26.
  • Karakose G, McGarvey RG (2019), Optimal K-node disruption on a node-capacitated network. Optimization Letters, 13(4), 695-715.
  • Al-Asadi A, Al-Amidie M, Micheas AC, McGarvey RG, Islam NE (2019), Worst case fair beamforming for multiple multicast groups in multicell networks. IET Communications, 13(6), 664-671.
  • Dundar B, McGarvey RG, Aguilar FX (2019), A robust optimisation approach for identifying multi-state collaborations to reduce CO2 emissions. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 70(4), 601-619.
  • Thorsen ML, Thorsen A, McGarvey RG (2019), Operational efficiency, patient composition and regional context of U.S. health centers : Associations with access to early prenatal care, and low birth weight. Social Science & Medicine, 226, 143-152.


  • Jiao C, Chen C, McGarvey RG, Bohlman S, Jiao L, Zare A (2018), Multiple instance hybrid estimator for hyperspectral target characterization and sub-pixel target detection. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 146, 235-250.
  • Thorsen A, McGarvey RG (2018), Efficient frontiers in a frontier state : Viability of mobile dentistry services in rural areas. European Journal of Operational Research, 268, 1062-1076.
  • Birisci E, McGarvey RG (2018), Optimal production planning utilizing leftovers for an all-you-care-to-eat food service operation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 171, 984-994.
  • Karakose G, McGarvey RG (2018), Capacitated path-aggregation constraint model for arc disruption in networks. Transportation Research Part E, 109, 225-238.
  • Karakose G, McGarvey RG (2018), Node-securing connectivity-based model to reduce infection spread in contaminated networks. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 115, 512-519.
  • McGarvey RG (2018), When to call on an advantageous restart option. Journal of Sports Analytics, 4, 133-143.
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