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Vincent CHAPIN, is an Associate Professor in Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at the Department of Aerodynamic, Energetic and Propulsion from Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE).

About us : download my CV

Research themes :

Tools :

  • We develop a Computational Framework for Multiphysics Optimization : VLab 3.0

More information, please email me at vincent.chapin[at]isae.fr



- Research topics :

  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
  • Bio-inspired Fluid Design
  • Soft Sails for Propulsion & Energy
  • Unsteady separated flows & Flow Control

- Our research is based on the development of a computational framework VLab 3.0 to make time accurate highly reliable numerical simulations in fluid mechanics. This computational framework is based on parametric geometries (in house development), a mesher (GAMBIT, GMSH, ICEMCFD) and a solver (FLUENT, StarCCM+, OpenFOAM) and may be used to produce new design by solving optimization problems (fluid mechanics or multiphysics).


- Aeroelastic Design Optimization of Wingsails - partnership : Assystem, PhD Thesis of A. FIUMARA, 2014-2017

PNG - 117.5 ko
classC URANS d35 plan x/L
PNG - 135.9 ko
class C URANS d35 plan x/L

- Aeroacoustic Design Optimization of CROR Blades - partnership : AIRBUS, PhD Thesis of S. BECHET, 2011-2014

Flow Control

- VLab 3.0 is used to investigate the leading-edge flow separation around an airfoil and its control through the implementation of actuators on the wall surface. New flow control strategies are defined and validated through high-fidelity numerical simulations based on RANS, URANS, DES, DNS and on actuator design optimizations.

Bio-inspired Fluid Design

- We are trying to gain insight into the physical mechanisms of the unsteady flow of corrugated dragonfly wing sections .

- We are studying the flow around bio-inspired wings with sinusoïdal leading-edge as whale flippers.


- VLab is a framework or a numerical plateform developped at the DAEP to simulate, design and optimize flows around or in various geometries. It is based on the coupling of mesh generators, solvers and optimization algorithms to produce enhanced flows in optimized geometries through high-fidelity numerical simulations.

- Recently developed :

  • 2D simulation around all airfoil geometries (Javafoil format)
  • 2D simulation around multi-elements airfoil
  • 2D simulation & optimization of corrugated dragonfly wing sections
  • 3D sails aerodynamic & optimization
  • 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction on sails
  • 3D Biomimetic Wing Optimization

- more on VLab

- For more details on typical research projects, see :



I have created and I teach the following courses :

- Computational Fluid Mechanics, 3rd year SUPAERO, M2R DET, DNM, 2002-
- Gas Turbine & Propulsion, Aircraft Airworthiness Master, ISAE, 2000-
- Sustainable Development : an introduction, 3rd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2011-2014
- Transition in a World Driven by Fossil Fuel, 2nd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2012-2014
- Emergent Technologies in Marine Energy & Transport, 3th year SUPAERO, ISAE, 2015-
- Sailing : from Archimedian to foiling systems, 3th year SUPAERO, ISAE, 2015-

I coordinate the following courses :

- Energy & Networks, Domain Energy Transport & Environments, 3rd year SUPAERO, ISAE, 2015-
- Maritime Transport, Domain Energy Transport & Environments, 3rd year SUPAERO, ISAE, 2015-
- Aeroelasticity, 3rd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2013-2014
- Aeroacoustics, 3rd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2013-2014
- Turbomachinery : Advanced Aerodynamics, 3rd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2000-2012
- Turbomachinery : The System, 3rd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2000-2012
- Introduction to Turbomachinery, 3rd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2000-2012

I teach in the following courses :

- Fluid Mechanics, 1st, 2nd, 3th year SUPAERO, ISAE, 1993-
- Aerodynamics, 2nd year ENSICA, ISAE, 2012-
- Thermodynamics, 1st year ENSICA, ISAE, 1993-2011


For students who need or want to taste innovation through personal projects during their three years in ISAE. You may begin by :

  • coming to discuss with us
    • about your projects and ideas
    • about our projects or ideas in the following areas
      • Sustainable development (wind-turbine, new bicycle concept, ...)
      • Wind propulsion (new sailing yacht rigs, kite sailing, ...)
  • looking this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmynEO7RGo4&feature=player_embedded
  • looking past innovation projects done at ENSICA (see below)

If you are interested, please contact vincent.chapin[at]isae.fr.

Support for students innovation :

Each year, numerous challenges are open to students to promote innovation. It is also a good place to meet interesting people to speed-up your innovation project and boost your CV. Some are listed here :

- La Cantine - Un espace de rencontre, de formations autour de l’innovation, de la création, des start-up, ...
- Concours CRECE - Dépôt des dossiers le 31 Mars, 2 dossiers ISAE retenus chaque année
- Concours AIRBUS : Fly Your Ideas
- Concours National d’aide à la création d’entreprises innovantes
- Midi-Pyrénées Innovation

- Concours Idenergie - Inscription ouverte jusqu’au 28 février
- EESC Design Eleven - Inscription avant Mai
- Prix de la croissance verte - Lancement - Juin, dépôt des dossiers - Octobre
- Concours Innovation INPI - Dépôt des dossiers avant le ?
- Concours Innovation Midi-Pyrénées - Dépôt des dossiers avant le 10 Septembre chaque année
- Projet de valorisation du PRES - Dépôt des dossiers avant le 15 Septembre chaque année

If you need to innovate but you have not yet an idea. Please came to discuss with us. It is by discussing and crossing ideas, that new projects emerge...

An example of innovation which had taken place at ENSICA :

The double surface sail with reversible camber, patent number n°2 827 570 - 2001

  • An innovation project done at ENSICA.
  • Objective : demonstrate the faisability and the high performance of our patent on a double surface sail.
  • Partnership : OSEO (financial support), AZ Voile (design of our double surface sail), IUT Nantes (design of a carbon rig)
Useful links

 Useful Links

- PIP : propositions for PIP, initiative IDEE, ...
- VLab 3.0 : the website of our simulation platform in fluid mechanics (as soon as possible...)
- DMF : the old website of the department

 Publications (OATAO)

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