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Vincent Chapin

Current Projects

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Because we need innovations to design a sustainable future, because ideas are our greatest natural ressources, we propose research & innovation projects for motivated students who want to contribute to shape our world.

These projects may be done in PIP, IDEE, PIR, PFE, Socrates, DNM, etc...

- Numerical Aeroacoustic Optimization of CROR - ISAE/ONERA

  • PhD thesis S. Bechet : One application of your research is done through a partnership with AIRBUS ion the following subject : "Aero-acoustic Integration of Contra-rotating Propellers Blades"
  • Master thesis - Annika LAENGER - Munich University
  • Master thesis - Chong LI - Ecole Centrale Lyon

- Closed loop control of the flow around an airfoil - DAEP


- Development of a kite pilot for autonomous kite sailing - DMIA/DAEP - Yves PARLIER


- Learning to flap like birds and insects - DMIA/DAEP


- Development of an experimental demonstrator of thrust vectoring through a fluidic actuator - DAEP

To begin, you may see the numerical demonstrator we have developed in 2003 in the Past Projects section.

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